How to recover deleted messages

How to recover deleted messages

How to recover deleted messages

How to recover deleted messages

Many times you accidentally delete your own chat records, which will make you feel very upset; Or you may suddenly find that the previously deleted content still works. In this case, you will be worried. Can it be recovered in the telegram(Telegram 应用程序)? The answer is yes. Next, we will show you how to recover deleted Telegram messages(电报消息) to eliminate your concerns.

When you need to restore your chat records on your mobile device, there are several ways to restore your telegram chat records.


Recall deletion

The first method introduced to you is to undo the deletion. We provide a function for telegram, which can undo the message within 5 seconds of being deleted. Then the specific operation process is to find the message you want to delete on the telegram app(电报APP), then slide the message up and click delete. After the deletion is successful, you will see an undo button. Click it to restore the deleted telegram message.

Application – Notification log

In the telegram application, you can use the notification log to record and save all the messages you receive on the device. Then you can enable this function when you need to restore the deleted chat.

How to recover deleted messages

For example, if you start the notification history log, it will record all notifications on your phone. Then, when you delete a message, open the notification logger, and you can see the notification of this message.

Using tools – Pictures folder

Here is another way to recover messages through tools. When using the telegraph app, if someone sends you a picture, the picture will be saved in the “telegraph images” folder. This storage is very reliable. Even if you delete this message in the telegraph application, you can still find the deleted picture in your “telegram images” folder.

Obviously, the main function of this folder is to help you recover images from the telegram image folder.

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