Storage space of telegram

Storage space of telegram

Storage space of telegram

Storage space of telegram

As for the storage space of the telegram, it is believed that many people will encounter a very confusing problem when using mobile/desktop devices. That is, too many applications will occupy a large amount of space on the device, which will gradually lead to insufficient memory on your device. When the reminder “insufficient memory, please clean up” appears, I believe you will feel very distressed because it means that you may have to “bear the pain” to delete some applications, or be forced to clean up some important message records (text, pictures, and videos). But unlike most other social applications, telegram (电报网)doesn’t need to worry about it at all.

Telegram clear cache

Telegrams (电报)rarely take up space on your device. Even if you are using it extensively, if you delete data from the local cache of the device and the space is freed, we will save it in the cloud according to your needs (friends who do not know the principle of the cloud can go to Wikipedia to search and view it). Therefore, there is no need to worry about the loss of important information and data, and there are almost no restrictions. You can use it anytime, anywhere.

Storage space of telegram

And to get a better experience, we have also introduced new cache management options. When the equipment space is insufficient, it is easier to keep your telegram running easily and have a relatively healthy storage state without sacrificing useful data. The new clear cache option allows you to select by type and is easy to operate. You can quickly delete cached contents and files. Take the mobile device in the figure below as an example, find the corresponding setting entry, and then keep and delete it according to your needs.

Retention of telegraph documents / media

When you use the use keep files/media setting, you can also set the length of time unused files are kept on your device. Join you to set the unused file retention time to 3 days through the system. If you do not access the file within the specified 3 days, the file will be automatically deleted from the cache. This is like a pre-set. When the corresponding time comes, the paper aircraft system will automatically help you manage it. What should you do if you think it may be used in the future? Don’t worry, because when you access the data again, your data can be immediate re downloaded from the cloud. In this way, you can safely and boldly operate in this setting.


One more thing

These settings can be used not only on IOS and Android but also on Windows and MAC. The version of each device has been synchronized with this function so that when you use it on various types of devices, you will completely get rid of the worry of insufficient storage. However, the operation of different versions may be slightly similar. If you want to master it skillfully, you need to operate it again. Of course, the differences between them are not big, and they also have relatively clear prompts. You can easily master them.


Recently, I have received many comments from users and friends. While receiving many inquiries, I have also obtained many valuable suggestions. We would like to thank you very much and hope that you will continue to pay attention. Our telegraph team will continue to develop more user-friendly functions. Please look forward to it!

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