Telegram mobile update

Telegram mobile update

Telegram mobile update

Telegram mobile update

This update of the telegram application (电报应用程序)is mainly aimed at the mobile version. We have adjusted the attachment menu of the Android version of the telegram(电报安卓版), the tone of the night mode of the IOS version, and other widgets. This function update will further improve the experience of using the telegram.

Improvement of the Android version attachment menu

We have improved the attachment menu of the Android version of the telegram(Telegram安卓版). First of all, the media has more storage space. Thumbnails become larger and clearer than before, making it easier for you to select photos and videos. You can view the complete gallery by gently sliding up with your finger to have a clearer browsing experience.

In addition, you can scroll left and right with your fingers to browse the location, vote, and audio media. As shown in the figure below, you can enter the application to experience it.

Telegram 移动版功能更新

Improvement of night mode tone in IOS version

The night mode of Telegram has always been very popular, but the previous color will be monotonous because the night mode automatically defaults to black. After this update, users of the IOS version can have a more colorful night mode. Yes, now you can choose an accent color for the night theme.

Other widgets

In this update, we also added some useful widgets for telegram, mainly related to the use of comments and sharing.

The first is the comment widget

First, you can add a comment widget to your site -the comments app, which is a tool for commenting on channel posts. You can download this widget in the store first, and then install it. After that, you can just click twice to log in. You can also subscribe to comments so that you can get notifications from them.

Of course, in addition, you can also click the page in the browser to try more widgets and solve more problems.

Telegram mobile update

That’s all for today’s update of the telegram mobile version. We welcome your valuable suggestions so that we can further improve the application.

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