Telegraphic video messages and telescopes

Telegraphic video messages and telescopes

Telegraphic video messages and telescopes

Telegraphic video messages and telescopes

The video messages and telescopes of the telegram(Telegram应用程序) are believed to be familiar to everyone. It can be said that they are everywhere in the use of telegrams, but today we have brought some updates to you; However, compared with video messages, the telescope function may be a lot unfamiliar to you, but it doesn’t matter. We will introduce it in detail later.

Video message of telegram

It should be clear to all that the voice message response on the telegram (电报)is always very fast and convenient. Of course, video messages are no exception. If you want to send video messages, there are two ways. One is to enter the chat room first, and then switch the icon to the camera. Then press and hold the camera icon to start recording the video. After recording, you can release the record button and send it.

Telegraphic video messages and telescopes

By the way, if you think it will be a little troublesome to keep pressing and holding the button all the time, you can also lock the camera in the recording mode by sliding upward; Second, you can open chat, click to send pictures, enter the photo album, and select the video you recorded before from the photo album. No matter which method you choose, the video can be sent immediately. Yes, you can fully trust our speed.

Tips for fast video messaging

Did you know that the reason why the video message speed of telegram(TG程序) is so fast is that when you record a video, the telegram will automatically compress them? Coupled with the operation of our powerful server, your video transmission becomes so fast.


Video messages support picture in picture

Of course, there is still no problem with the speed when watching video messages. More importantly, you can browse other chats freely. The video will pop up in the corner and continue to play. Yes, it is the picture-in-picture function. You can also manually adjust its size and move it on the screen, so as not to block your messages. In addition, when you want to pause the playback, you can also pause it in the picture-in-picture interface.

understanding telescopes

Many people may not know what a telescope is. Let’s take an example. For example, some netizens want to speak to their fans through public channels on the telegraph. Video information is undoubtedly the best way because the video is more vivid and direct than text. However, we don’t think it’s enough, so we launched telescope, a special video hosting platform to provide services for bloggers to communicate with viewers. With the help of a telescope, video can be spread on platforms other than a telegram. It can automatically play video for up to 1 minute in the same format as our telegram video message. And you can view them without logging in to telegram.


One more thing

When you publish video messages on the telescope platform, even those users who do not have the telegraph application installed can enjoy your public video messages(TG视频消息), and they can share your video messages on Twitter or Facebook as long as they like. That means that your video messages can get more exposure and playback. It sounds like a very good thing, so use it quickly. And don’t forget to follow our next update.

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